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Ethics Revision…read more

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Sanctity of life.
· Christianity teaches that life is sacred and is a gift
from God.
· Each person is of equal worth to God, although a
person may do something which is better or
worse than another person.
· A persons age, health or ability does not make a
person any less or more valuable in `Gods eyes'
· Christianity says that every one is made in God's
image and life is a gift from God therefore it is
sacred.…read more

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1- Life has been
given by God.
5- life shouldn'
t be destroyed. 2- Human life is
of Life.
4- All life deserves 3- God has a plan
respect. for every human
life.…read more

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Sanctity of Life Quotes-
· `thou shall not commit murder'
· `aren't five sparrows sold for two pennies? Yet
not one is forgotten my God.'
· `Surely you know that you are God's temple
and that God's spirit lives in you.'
· ` God created human beings, making them to
be like himself.'…read more

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Animal Testing
· Animals are tested on to benefit humans:
­ Cosmetic testing- animals are used to test
products such as makeup, shampoo and cleaning
­ Medical testing- animals are used as part of a
series of experiments for the cure of various
diseases.…read more

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For Animal Rights Quotes-
· `scientists must abandon laboratories and
factories of death.'
· `Animals are part of God's creations and
should be treated with respect.'
· Some Christians say-
­ `we are stewards of the Earth and therefore we
must be responsible.'
­ God created a `good' world. Therefore we should
leave it as it is, and not take animals out of the
natural environment or treat them badly…read more

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