Re Year 10 revision


  • Rights and Responsibilities 
  • Environmental and Medical Ethics
  • Peace and Conflict
  • Crime and Punishment

Key Teachings:

  • The Sancity of life - "All life is sacred and belongs to God"
  • The Golden Rule - "Treat people as you'd like to be treated"
  • "Love thy neighbour"
  • "God made us, we are all unique and special, only God can take our life away."
  • Sheep and the goats - SHEEP: give food, give drinks, give shelter, give clothes, looked after the sick, visited those in jail and go to heaven. GOATS: didn't give food, didn't give drink, didn't give shelter, didn't give clothes, didn't look after the sick and didn't visit those in jail, they go to hell. This shows us that God judges us on how


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