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Medical ethics
Abortion…read more

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Abortion ­ The law
Abortion was made legal in Britain in 1967 if
two doctors agree:
To continue pregnancy would put mother or
child at risk
To avoid injury or psychological damage to
the mother
There is a risk baby will be deformed…read more

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Abortion ­ The bible
The sanctity of life is a key theme in the bible
and it means that all life is sacred and god
given and to deprive it is not adhering to
gods will.
It can also be interpreted as because
humans are created in the image of god it is
wrong to harm another human because it is
harming god…read more

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Abortion ­ The church of
Maintains the bible teaching that abortion is
wrong but does make discretions for when it
is morally legitimate
These are :
If the mothers life is under threat
Where the mother has been raped
Where the child will be severely
handicapped.…read more

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Abortion- The catholic Church
Upholds the bible strongly opposing abortion
Teaches that it denies the most basic human
right to exist and that abortion accounts to
Catholics believe that life begins at
conception ( when sperm meets egg) and
not at birth…read more

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Abortion - key issues
Should a mother or doctor have the right to
decide if a human lives or dies?
Does God's plan for all humans mean that
we can't choice what we do?
What level of deformity does the foetus
(unborn baby) have to be at to be aborted…read more


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