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God created the world out of the abundance of his love
He created it perfect out of his limitless love
Part of this limitless love is the creation of humans who represent this love
Human beings are special, set apart from others because they…

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In 2009, Scott Davidson applied this list to create a Natural Law based environmental ethics;
all environmental issues could be applied to this list e.g. global warming (the effects it has on
the basic good of life)
This understanding of Natural Law theory offers a possible way out of…

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Naturalism was crucial to Benthamite ethics; the reason pleasure is to be preferred to pain is
because that is how it was in nature
Mill points out that in nature, gardens untended by humans hands quickly turn into
wilderness controlled by a monoculture of weeds. Humanity brings order out of…

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1. Examining the virtues and instilling these in the individual
2. Changing the environment so that the individual will be virtuous
One theory is based on character traits whilst the others is teleological; what outcome will
produce virtues? This second approach appears to be the best way of dealing with…

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