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Religious Studies
Environmental Ethics
Utilitarianism is the best approach to Environmental Ethics
Environmental Ethics concerns itself with how humans should
best interact with the natural world without creating
irreparable damage and eventual destruction of all life,
including human life.…read more

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Due to this, using Bentham's hedonic calculus in regards to
issues concerning the environment one may say his approach
could be considered to be rash and anthropocentric (centred
around the wants and ideals of man). This is because Bentham's
utilitarianism could be used to justify the cutting down of
established rainforests, if it means that populations could grow
and build new housing, and create new farm land.…read more

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Deep ecology states that all living things had intrinsic value
in themselves, and should be treated as such. It recognises how
each living organism plays a vital role in maintaining bio-
diversity in our eco-system, and that to destroy or eliminate
any part of the ecosystems would be to throw nature off balance.
Eco-holism, or the Gaia-hypothesis, goes one step further. James
Lovelock stated that although all living things have innate
worthm we should not seem them as being separate from each
other.…read more

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Amazon in order to get timber and create grazing
fields for large food companies, Singer would first ask he
indigenous people of the region. As they understand the value and
diversity of the region, they would most likely object to large
swathes of their land being bought up and used by multinational
companies. Instead they would most likely be open to options such as
eco-tourism, which would bring them an income and allows them to
preserve the environment.…read more


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