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A2 Ethics
Environmental ethics
Key Scholars

Considers ethical relationships between people and the natural world
Should we cut down trees/manufacture petrol cars?
Obligations to future generations

Religious approaches


Anthropocentric approach ­ humans above all others
The world exists for our benefit, god does not care how we treat it…

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No need to have concern for the earth as we have no future in it
Destruction of environment is acceptable as it's a sign of the apocalypse
Martin Luther ­ judgement day would be preceded by destruction
Eschaton ­ end of days ­ book of Daniel
The rapture in the…

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Rejected by scientists, Neo-Darwinists etc.
Most Christians would agree to the world not self-destructing
Dawkins ­ idea is inconceivable ­ survival of the fittest
Margulis ­ sometimes will form symbiotic relationship to survive

Shallow Ecology ­ anthropocentric

Humans have intrinsic value, protection of interests at expense of other is ethical…

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Not treated as a means to an end ­ immoral and irrational
Naurtue is intrinsically beautiful

Virtue ethics

Looks at what characterises an environmentally good person
Condsiers who we are and how we live in the natural world
Extremes of behaviour unhelpful to both society and the environment
Virtuous life…


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