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Millie Rollason 13.10

What was the short-term significance of the Irish Potato famine in
the years 1845-50?
Ireland's famine of 1845-50 was caused by a disease, which affected the leaves
and roots of the potato, rotting the crops. As a result of this famine, about a
million people in Ireland…

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Millie Rollason 13.10

policies. Of course there is the widely argued view that the government did little
to help with its applied `laissez-faire' attitude. This caused strong anti-government
feelings, which lead to the emergence of the Young Ireland movement. However,
this anti-government movement failed to succeed. There was a serious…

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Millie Rollason 13.10


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Millie Rollason 13.10


Marium Hussain



I just want to know what sort of mark you achieved for this as I am doing the same unit in A2 history

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