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Ireland 1918 - 1922 19/9/12 11:49 AM

Background Info
Four provinces of Ireland

Worst farming land is in Connaught (only potatoes grow there)
Best farming is up north in Ulster (6 counties in ulster (northern

1922 ­ Ireland is split into north and south

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Ireland 1918 - 1922 19/9/12 11:49 AM

Oranges are protestants who want to stay linked to Britain

Protestant Ascendency
18th Century saw Catholics in Ireland relegated to second class citizens
Landownership, politics and religion were dominated by
Protestants from the Church of Ireland
However, by the end of the 18th…

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Ireland 1918 - 1922 19/9/12 11:49 AM

Home Rule crisis, 1900-14
D. George Boyce ­ `nationalists are a group of people who consider
themselves to be a nation'
Irish Nationalists:
Identified with Ireland and Irish nation
And with the Irish who had been kicked out of their land
Not exclusively…

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Ireland 1918 - 1922 19/9/12 11:49 AM

o The idea of the nation of romanticism whereby the people
have struggled for land etc. and now get independence
o Culture not politics
o Irish language and sports
Irish nationalists made realistic demands
o Alike to Catholic Emancipation
o Fenians were unrealistic…

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Ireland 1918 - 1922 19/9/12 11:49 AM

Irish Nationalists saw landlords as an alien colonial clique who
had land that rightfully belonged to the Irish people

Catholic aspirations
Most IPP voters had farming backgrounds
The growing Catholic middle classes looked to Home Rule to remove the
(A Jackson) "glass ceiling"…

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Ireland 1918 - 1922 19/9/12 11:49 AM

The Great Famine
Access to History

Key Dates

Began in the late summer of 1845
By early 1946, the disease had spread to most parts of Ireland
¾ of crops wiped out
Sir Robert Peel, Tory PM
Pages 55
No deaths from…

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Ireland 1918 - 1922 19/9/12 11:49 AM

o Farms were small and labourers were plentiful, so
labourers had to migrate to England
Under-employment was one of the greatest evils of rural
o Domestic works of sewing and weaving were drying up
o Irish labourers not paid full wages, but…

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Ireland 1918 - 1922 19/9/12 11:49 AM

But, after August 1846, the disease struck again on a wider scale
Peel removed Corn Laws but failed in the new Irish Coercion Act
whereby he believed it was needed to deal with food riots

John Russell ­ Whig PM
i) Government Attitudes…

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Ireland 1918 - 1922 19/9/12 11:49 AM

o Russell changed policies
o Spring 1847, public works projects and the labour rate
were abandoned
o Now, redistribution of food and direct help and soup
kitchens (funded through local rates)
o August ­ 3 million were being fed
o Food provided by…

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Ireland 1918 - 1922 19/9/12 11:49 AM

people ... For our own part, we regard the potato blight as a

Isaac Butt, a leading Irish Conservative, demanded more British aid
for the poor.
"Can we wonder if the Irish people believe that the lives of
those who have perished…


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