Essay Plan for Breakdown of Relationships

To be used when user already knows the content of the course.

This is an abbreviated essay plan which i used in preparation for my A2 Psychology exam for the AQA exam board.

This was made to refresh memory and for structure.

It is probably not what you're looking for if you want to know details of each study.

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Essay plan 3 ­ Two explanations for the breakdown of s
REASONS FOR BD: Define Duck (1999)
Lack of skills ­ not satisfying ... Duck (1991) poor
conversationalist conversationalist etc. = unrewarding
Lack of stimulation ­ justification to end /have affair
$stim Baxter (1994) ­ boredom/no future = justification to end
$skill/stim Boekhout et al (1999) affairs are direct reaction to LOsk/st,
m) sexual rea m) sexual reasons [boredom/variety] ... f) emotional reasons
reasons [unhappiness/incompatibility]
Synoptic - Age bias = undergrads, can't generalise, less exp
RWA)) $skill Cina et al (2003) - After CCET training, higher marital Q
Synoptic - Sample ­ real couples, high mundane realism
$stim Brehm & Kassin (1996) - F) BD due to emotional unhappine
unhappiness ... M) due to sexual withholding
Maintenance difficulties ­ strained (from > in daily contact)
$ Shaver (1985) ­ Uni often causes BD
Synoptic - Mobile society ­ people get around this, more do LD
W Holt & Stone (1988) ­ little > in sat if reunite regularly
Synoptic - Method ­ hard to test, ethics ­ separation & privacy
MODEL OF BD: Define Rollie & Duck (2006)
Breakdown (dissatisfaction with )
Intrapsychic processes (Social withdrawal, focus on p's faults
and costs)
Dyadic (Discuss discontents, reassessment of future)
Social (Going public, seeking support, building alliances)
Grave-dressing (Tidy up mems, stories for diff audiences)
Resurrection (Recreate social value of self, expectations for
future s)
$ GD&R Tashiro & Frazier (2003) ­ B/Up of undergrads, reported personal
growth growth as well as distress, new insights into self and ideas for
future p future partner
Synoptic - Age bias ­ undergrads, less exp
RWA)) Implication for intervention (how the could be saved)
e.g. Intrapsychic stage- re-establish liking by putting positive light on
ps behap's behaviour OR Social ­ others help to patch up
W Akert (1998) ­ Diff in m/f reaction to break ups so model can't able
to be applied to everyone ­ f) stay friends ... m) cut losses & move on


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