Discuss Two Theories of The Breakdown of Relationships


Vanessa Amushan

Psychology Essay 

A2 Psychology 

  Discuss Two Theories of The Breakdown of Relationships 

Rolle & Ducks, 2006 model of breakdown endeavorers to explain the procedures in 6 solid steps. Its begins with dissatisfaction with how ones relationship is carried out, one partner senses that something is immoral/not right , which leads to an intrapsychic process that is characterised by brooding the partners faults and the demerits, in other words cost of their relationship. In the dyadic process the partners confront their partners and discuss their relative feelings about their relationship. The relationship may be saved at this point due to the reassessment of goals, future possibilities and commitments between the two partners, or the relationship may breakdown further. 

    If further breakdown occurs social processes ensue, where by extended family or even friends offer consultation/advice & support. After having left the relationship, grave-dressing processes will commence. Partners strive to construes a representation of their relationship that doesn't mirror their own contribution of the relationship unfavourably. This process involves emotional distress because participants are tying up memories, revisiting the issues that induced the breakdown in the first place, this also arises the lack of privacy and confidentiality amongst the pairs. In the final resurrection process, each parter recreates sense of own social value defining what to get out of their future relationships, they prepare for these relationships by learning from their mistakes of the prior relationship. 

  This model has been enormously supported by research evidence, Tashiro & Frazier surveyed students who's relationships had recently broken down. They reported to have experienced emotional distress as well as personal growth, establishing that these breakdowns have given them a clearer idea about their forthcoming relationships. This supports both grave-dressings and resurrection processes. However surveys are more of questionnaires and participants tend to portray demand characteristics as well as social desirability. Students may also find it difficult to phrase the questions effectively, obtaining different interpretations of the questions asked by the psychologist. 

    This model also had practical applicatiobs in counselling. Assessing which stage a couple is in helps to identify what steps should be taken to save their relationship. The model accentuates on the importance of communication in relationship downfall. Paying…


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