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Timed Essay : Relationship breakdown

1.) Models of formation and maintenance but turned around:
The reward need satisfaction model- the needs of the individual haven't been met
Matching hypothesis- self-perception of the individual may change and believe they
could do better, or partner loses job so the individual isn't with…

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Dyadic- talking to partner about these issues
Social process- making the breakup public. As soon as you start telling friends that you
are going to break up with the partner, then there's no way back. People try to put
themselves in a good light and make the other person look…

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example Duck's model (and sequence of separation described by lee) does not
really explain why relationships breakdown just the basic processes. However, Duck
also offers three main reasons for this type of relationship breakdown. Akert also
found that the more both partners were involved in decisions that had to be…


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