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Examine the role of processes in schools in producing educational achievement
among pupils from different social groups? (20 marks)
One particular group concentrates solely on the processes within schools, this group is
referred as interactionalist. Interactionalists are concerned with processes which occur inside
schools.A lot of interactionalist thinking is based…

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ingratiation (conformity) at one end to rebellion ( outright rejection of school rules and
values) at the other end. In between there are a number of categories such as opportunism
which means you conform to school values and norms but don't argree with them an
example would be only going…

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Outline The cultural differences between the classes that may explain the differences in
educational achievement?

There are many reasons why there are differences in the classes when it comes to
educational underachievement firstly material deprivation. Material Deprivation is the
technical name for poverty and its effects on educational achievement. Adults…

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to start earning money. Also middle class children would more likely to go to museums and
other cultural experiences whereas middle class children are more likely to sit in the house
and watch the t.v

Suggest 3 reasons in which Marxists see school as being similar to the world of…

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Explain what is meant by material deprivation?

Material Deprivation is the technical name for poverty and its effects on educational

Explain what is meant by universalistic standards?

The term simply means that is a set of rules which is applied to everyone in the group and is
the opposite…


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