Education and Ethnicity

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  • Education and Ethnicity
    • Social Class
    • 'Culture of resisting
    • Racism of teachers and pupils
    • Lack of cultural capital
    • Family Life
    • Low teacher expectations
    • Deprived social conditions
    • Ethnocentric school system clashes
    • Language differences
    • Negative self-image and poor motivation
    • Racism of teachers and pupils
    • Facts
      • Highest achieving minority
        • Chinese and Indian Asian pupils
      • Lowest achieving minority
        • Black Caribbean, Pakistani, Bangladeshi
    • External Factors
      • Social Class and material factors
        • Minority ethnic groups are twice as likely to live in poverty
          • Poor-quality housing less space to study
            • Poorer diet more time of school
              • Lack of money material deprivation
      • Racism
        • Low self-esteem among young people
          • Poor motivation and bad behaviour
    • Internal Factors
      • Language Differences
        • Difficulties with schoolwork
          • Teachers mistake language difficulties for lack of ability
      • Racism among pupils
        • Abuse, name-calling, bullying and harrassment
      • Teacher Expectation
        • Teachers may hold negative stereotypes of minority ethnic group
          • groups become ignored, less effort put in
            • Lower teacher expectations, poorer motivation and affected by self-fulfilling prophecy
      • Educational Triage
        • Regarded as low-achievers and put into low streams and sets
      • Anti-school subcultures
        • A way of gaining peer-group status denied to them by the school
      • Ethnocentrism
        • When the dominant class culture devalues others
          • E.g not catering to minority-group diets


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