Equality Act (Promoting Quality Care)

A document which contains revision notes on the equality act. For the promoting quality care exam (this is one of the acts which may come up so its good to know about it.)


Features of the act



About the act

How it protects service users

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Equality Act
The purpose of this Act is to make Britain a fairer place, where people have the opportunity
to succeed whatever their race, gender, disability, age, sexual orientation, religion or beliefs.
Fairness and an absence of discrimination are the hallmarks of a modern, decent society, with
a strong economy, which draws on the talents of all.
The Act will simplify the law which, over the last four decades, has become complex and
difficult to navigate. Nine major pieces of legislation and around 100 other measures will be
replaced by a single Act written in plain English to make it easier for individuals and
employers to understand their legal rights and obligations
The main elements of the Act (features)
Making the law more accessible and easier to understand by bringing together nine
major pieces of legislation and around 100 other laws in a single Bill
Making Britain fairer public bodies will have to consider the diverse needs and
requirements of their workforce, and the communities they serve, when developing
employment policies and planning services
Making public bodies more transparent - if inequality remains hidden, it can't be
measured and progress cannot be made
Improving enforcement (redress)
Allowing political parties to use all-women election shortlists until 2030
The Equality Act sets out groundbreaking new laws which will help narrow the gap between
rich and poor; require business to report on gender pay; outlaw age discrimination; and will
significantly strengthen Britain's anti-discrimination legislation.
Discrimination Facts:
women are paid on average 23 per cent less per hour than men
disabled people are twice as likely to be out of work
people from ethnic minority backgrounds are nearly a fifth less likely to find work
one in five older people are refused quotes for motor or travel insurance, or car hire
The Act will strengthen equality law by:
Introducing a new public sector duty to consider reducing socio-economic
Putting a new Equality Duty on public bodies
Using public procurement to improve equality
Banning age discrimination outside the workplace
Introducing gender pay reports

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Extending the scope to use positive action
Strengthening the powers of employment tribunals
Protecting carers from discrimination
0ffering new mothers stronger protection when breastfeeding
Banning discrimination in private clubs
Strengthening protection from discrimination for disabled people
Weaknesses of the Act?
Not sure what these will be as the Act is so new, but...…read more


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