Equality Act (Promoting Quality Care)

A document which contains revision notes on the equality act. For the promoting quality care exam (this is one of the acts which may come up so its good to know about it.)


Features of the act



About the act

How it protects service users

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Equality Act
The purpose of this Act is to make Britain a fairer place, where people have the opportunity
to succeed whatever their race, gender, disability, age, sexual orientation, religion or beliefs.
Fairness and an absence of discrimination are the hallmarks of a modern, decent society, with
a strong economy,…

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Extending the scope to use positive action
Strengthening the powers of employment tribunals
Protecting carers from discrimination
0ffering new mothers stronger protection when breastfeeding
Banning discrimination in private clubs
Strengthening protection from discrimination for disabled people

Weaknesses of the Act?
Not sure what these will be as the Act is…


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