Equality & Diversity

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o a person is respected as an individual

o treated fairly

o given the same opportunities regardless of differences

o treated according to needs


o race

o religion

o cultural differences

o gender and gender reassignment

o sexuality and sexual orientation

o age o family structure

o marriage and civil partnership

o social class

o language

o dress

o food

o music

o the arts

o education

o pregnancy and maternity

o disability


o choice

o confidentiality

o protection from abuse and harm

o equal and fair treatment

o consultation

o right to life

The values of care in health and social care services 

o promoting equality and diversity

o promoting individual rights and beliefs

o maintaining confidentiality

The values of care in child care services

o making the welfare of the child paramount

o keeping children safe and maintaining a healthy environment

o working in partnership with parents/guardians and families and other professionals

o encouraging children’s learning and development

o valuing diversity

o ensuring equality of opportunity

o anti-discriminatory practice

o maintaining confidentiality

o working with other professionals

Support networks

o advocacy services (SEAP, MENCAP Empower Me, British Institute of Learning Disabilities)

o support groups (MIND, Age UK, Headway)

o informal support (friends, family, neighbours)

Discriminatory practices

basis of discrimination (race, culture, disability, social class, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion)

o direct and indirect discrimination

o types of abuse

o prejudice

o stereotyping


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