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  • Key aspects of current Legislation to promote anti-discriminatory practice
    • The Care Act 2014
      • Should be no gap in care and support when people choose to move
    • The Health and Social Care Act 2012
      • Greater voice for patients
    • The Equality Act 2010
      • The introduction of protected characteristics
    • The Mental Capacity Act 2005
      • Capacity must be assumed unless it is provided otherwise
    • The Children Act 2004
      • Introduction of the role of children's commissioner
    • The Data Protection Act 1998
      • Personal data shall be accurate and kept up to date
    • Human Rights Act 1998
    • Children and families Act 2014
    • Overview of national initiatives
      • The Care Certificate 2014
      • Quality assurance
        • Inspections such as Ofsted, CQC (Care Quality Commission)
      • EHRC (Equality and Human Rights Commission)
      • NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence)
    • The impact of legislation and its national initiatives
      • Person-centred approach to care and provision
      • Individual's needs met
      • Empowerment
      • Accessible services
      • Provides a system of redress
      • Clear guidelines for practitioners to follow
      • Raises standards of care
      • Staff selection and interview procedures must comply with the equality act
      • Organisational policies- bullying, confidentiality, equal opportunities, data handling


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