Entertainment icons in USA of the 1920s

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Marianne Bradley

Entertainment icons

Jack Dempsey

Jack Dempsey (real name William Harrison Dempsey) was a famous heavyweight
boxer. He is supposedly the boxer used to measure all other boxers up against, a
"yardstick" because of his success and fighting techniques.
He was born in Manassa, Colorado on June 24, 1895,…

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Babe Ruth

Babe Ruth was a famous
baseball player in the 1920's, and is
often still ranked today as the greatest
baseball player that ever lived. Even
though he died 60 years ago he is still
remembered in baseball today.
Babe Ruth (real name George
Herman Ruth jr) was born…

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Clara Bow

Clara Bow was a
Hollywood film actress and icon
during the 1920s and 1930s.
She was renowned for her sex
appeal, and was commonly
known as the "It" girl. The
character Betty Boop was
loosely based around Bow.
Clara Bow was
born on July 29, 1907 in

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Rudolph Valentino was an Italian actor most well known for his sex appeal and
Mediterranean good looks. He was a challenge to the AllAmerican blonde haired
and blueeyed Douglas Fairbanks, and many men saw him as a "threat" to
masculinity. He became known as the "Latin Lover".

Valentino ( real…

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Edward began to take lessons. Because of his noble manner and elegance, his
friends nicknamed him "Duke"
He never thought he had a talent at piano, until he began to listen to ragtime pianists
­ and found a deep love for music and playing the piano. Therefore in 19171919,

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his early jobs would listen to it in daytoday life.
He dropped out of school at 11, and joined a quartet of boys who sang for money.
He was given his first cornet, and was taught to play by ear by cornet player Bunk
Johnson. After getting into trouble, he…


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