1920s American entertainment

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  • Entertainment in 1920s America.
    • The Car
      • Ford produced a standard model, the Model T Ford. A new Model T Ford cost less than $300 in the mid-1920s.
      • During the 1920s, about $1 billion a year was spent on the construction of a national network of highways.
      • From a range of sporting events, beach holidays, shopping trips , picnics in the country or simply on visits to their family and friends, boyfriends and girlfriends
      • Carried their owners to and from their entertainment
      • By 1929, more than 26 million cars were registered in the USA.
      • Cars helped the cities to grow by opening up the suburbs
    • Cinema
      • First major film industry was developed in Hollywood
      • in 1927 the first 'talkie' was made
      • Stars like Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton made audience raw with laughter
      • In the 1920s movies were a multi-billion dollar buisness
      • All films until 1927 were silent
      • Douglas Fairbanks thrilled them in daring adventure films
    • Jazz
      • Older generation saw jazz as a corrupting influence on the young
      • 1920s became known as the Jazz age
      • Jazz music became an obsession among young people
      • African Americans from country brought Jazz and Blues with them from the city
      • Blues particularly popular among the African American Population.
      • Dances such as the Charleston were invented
      • Jazz captured the imagination of young white and African Americans
    • Radio
      • Almost everyone in the USA listened to the america
      • Most house holds had their own set
      • Choice of programmes grew quickly
      • People who could not afford one outright could purchase one in instalements
      • 1929 the new network NBC was making a $150 million a year
      • August 1921 there was only one licensed radio station by the end of 1922 there was 508
    • Sport
      • heavyweight champions like Jack Dempsey
      • Prominent Figures such as Al Capone were Baseball Fans
      • Teams like New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox
      • Baseball became a big money sport
      • Boxing was also a vey popular sport


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