English Literature WW1 Wider reading quotes table. Drama, Prose and Poetry

My Drama Quotations for the 6 english literature themes. Mainly Based around Regeneration, Birds song, Journeys End and Oh what a lovely war. Some my boy jack, blackadder, Sassoons declaration, Maude Onions extract, George downings letter, and other non fiction texts. Ive included poems that can be used on the themes but my anotations are done seperately for each poem elsewhere... most these poems are from the anthology up the line to death.

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Theme Genre Quotation/Title Explanation and links
Man's Inhumanity Prose Birdsong: 1) "This is not a war this is an 1) How men were treat by the gov
to man exploration of how far men can be degraded" and higher ranks in the war. Can b
2) "Where did you find this faint heart, with Sassoon's declaration
Gray?". 2) Shows some higher ranks attitu
Regeneration: 3) "A horse's bit. Not an towards the war. Can be linked to
electrode, not a teaspoon. A bit. An End where the colonel sends them
instrument of control." raid in the daylight
3) Dehumanising the soldiers ­ forci
go back out to war
Industrialising recovery
Drama Journeys end: 1) "Its rotten to send a fellow 1)Stanhope's reply to sending Raleig
whose only just got here" daylight raid
2) "All to the good. His nerves are sound" 2) The colonel suggesting Raleigh for
Oh What A Lovely War: 3)'this is not a war
sir, it's slaughter'
Poetr Base Details (Siegfried Sassoon) Poems are annotated separately
y The General (Siegfried Sassoon)
A Dead statesman (Rudyard Kipling)
The realities of Prose Birdsong: 1) "within two hours they had 1) Horrific description from the battl
war blown Byrne's head, bit by bit, off his body so Somme in Birdsong
that only a hole remained between his
2) "So much muscle and blood in the earth"
Army Chaplain Leonard Pearson, in 'Roses
of No Man's Land': 3)"There are fifteen men
in the cage now, waiting to be shot'."
Drama Journeys End: 1) "Couldn't bear being fully 1)He had to drink to go out and face
conscious all the time" 2)Effects of losing a close comrade
2)"You think there's no limit to what a man 3) Stanhope speaking about facing th
can bear?" how he doesn't want his girlfriend to
3)"She doesn't know that if I went up those isn't this hero she perceives him as
steps into the front line without being doped
with whiskey I'd go mad with fright"
Blackadder: 4) "Our soldiers fade away"
5) a war which would be a damn sight simpler
if we just stayed in England and shot fifty
thousand of our men a week.
Oh What A Lovely War: 6)'this is not a war
sir, it's slaughter'
Poetr Dead man's dump (Isaac Rosenberg) Poems are annotated separately
y The Leveller (Robert Graves)
Exposure (Wilfred Owen)
The Sentry (Wilfred Owen)

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The Home Prose Birdsong: 1) "If I am fighting on behalf of 1) Feeling bitter towards those back
Front/Women anyone, I think it is for those who have died. Could link to Blighters by
Not for the living at home." 2)Many skin turned yellow from wor
Regeneration: 2) "All over the room munitions factories
yellow-skinned women were dragging
themselves to their feet."
3) "Muntionettes, as the papers liked to call 4)The effects the war is having on th
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My Boy Jack: 4)Rudyard Kipling: You see,
we have built up a family - a family of nations -
and it must be protected.…read more


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