English Literature WW1 Wider reading quotes table. Drama, Prose and Poetry

My Drama Quotations for the 6 english literature themes. Mainly Based around Regeneration, Birds song, Journeys End and Oh what a lovely war. Some my boy jack, blackadder, Sassoons declaration, Maude Onions extract, George downings letter, and other non fiction texts. Ive included poems that can be used on the themes but my anotations are done seperately for each poem elsewhere... most these poems are from the anthology up the line to death.

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Theme Genre Quotation/Title Explanation and links
Man's Inhumanity Prose Birdsong: 1) "This is not a war this is an 1) How men were treat by the gov
to man exploration of how far men can be degraded" and higher ranks in the war. Can b
2) "Where did you find…

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The Home Prose Birdsong: 1) "If I am fighting on behalf of 1) Feeling bitter towards those back
Front/Women anyone, I think it is for those who have died. Could link to Blighters by
Not for the living at home." 2)Many skin turned yellow from wor
Regeneration: 2) "All over…

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My Boy Jack: 4)Rudyard Kipling: You see,
we have built up a family - a family of nations -
and it must be protected.

Poetr Happy is England now (John Freeman) Poems are annotated separately
y England to her sons (William Noel Hodgson)
Mental/Physical/ Prose Birdsong: 1)"when in doubt you…


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