AQA English LITA1B Wider Reading list

Wider readsing list for World War One study

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Ann Zaheer
Wider Reading
Ben Elton The First Casualty* (Bantam, 2005)
Adam Thorpe Nineteen Twenty-One* (Vintage, 2001)
Irene Rathbone We That Were Young(1932)
Virginia Woolf Jacob's Room(1921)
Ford Maddox Ford Parade's End(1924-28)
Hemingway A Farewell to Arms(1929)
Robert Graves Goodbye to All That(Penguin, 1929)
Edmund Blunden Undertones of War(Penguin, 1928)
Vera Brittain Testament of Youth(Virago, 1933)
History and Testimony
Richard Holmes Tommy(Harper Perennial, 2005)
ed. Max Arthur Forgotten Voices(Ebury Press, 2002)
Lyn Macdonald Somme(Penguin, 1983)
Ben MacIntyre A Foreign Field(Harper Collins, 2001)
Max Arthur Last Post(Phoenix, 2005)
Correlli Barnett The Great War(BBC, 1979)
Richard Van Emden The Trench(Bantam, 2002)
Richard Van Emden Boy Soldiers of the Great War(Headline, 2006)
Allison and Fairley The Monocled Mutineer(Quartet Books, 1978)
Diaries, Letters and Biography
ed. Bishop Chronicle of Youth (Vera Brittain's War Diary)(Gollancz, 1981)
Ed. Bishop and Bostridge Letters from a Lost Generation(Abacus, 1998)
Palmer and Wallis A War in Words(Pocket Books, 2003)
Michael Walsh Brothers in War(Ebury Press, 2006)
(Bodleian Library University of
Oxford, 2006) A Month at the Front, Diary of an Unknown Soldier

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Ann Zaheer
Literary Criticism and Cultural Commentary
Paul Fussell The Great War and Modern Memory(Oxford, 1975)
Adrian Barlow The Great War in British Literature(Cambridge, 2000)
Dominic Hibberd Wilfred Owen(Weidenfield and Nicholson, 2002)
B. Berganz Heroes Twilight(Constable, 1965)
Samuel Hynes A War Imagined: The First World War and English Culture(Pimlico, 1992)
The Edwardian Turn of Mind: First World War and English Culture( Pimlico,
Samuel Hynes 1992)
Cardinal, Goldman and Hattaway Womens' Writing on the First World War(Oxford, 1999)
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Ann Zaheer
Rita Dove American Smooth * (Not Welcome Here Section) (Norton, 2004)
ed. George Walter The Penguin Book of First World War Poetry(Penguin, 2006)
ed. Martin Stephen Never Such Innocence(Everyman, 1993)
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