WW1 Wider reading Quote table

Hi, I created this table using  variety of different sources, it had poetry, drama and prose.

Hope it helps :)

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Theme Type Name Quote Analysis
Man's Prose Regenerat "A horse's bit. Not an electrode, Dehumanising the soldiers ­
inhumanity ion, Pat not a teaspoon. A bit. An forcing them to go back out to
to man Barker instrument of control." war
"Each of them fitted young men Industrialising recovery
back into the role of warrior, a The whole book emphasises the
role they had--however cruelty which men were forced to
unconsciously--rejected." inflict on one another
Non-fic The Last "...I never had a bath, and I never Inhumanly treated- treated like
Fighting had any clean clothes. //There animals.
Tommy was no sanitation at all..." Dehumanised
Poetry Glory of "Trampling the terrible corpse ­
Women, blind with blood."
Poetry Epitaphs "I could not look on Death, which Dehumanising
of War, being known, / Men led me to hi,
Kipling blindfold and alone."
Prose Regenerat "He felt as if nothing could ever This shows he is completely
ion touch him again. When a shell detached from the situation as
whined across, he didn't flinch" the death of others has become
"Her sense of her own Her anger and
helplessness, her being forced to uncomfortableness at the
play Medusa when she meant no physically disabled men shows
harm, merged with the anger she that these men were treated as
was beginning to feel at their incomplete and an
being hidden away like that." embarrassment when actually
they had no choice in what was
inflicted upon them.
Patriotism Mocking

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Prose Regenerat Rivers talks of how they were
ion convinced to joining the "great
Drama Journey's Raleigh: He looked splendid. It ­
End sort of made me feel...keen to
get out here
Osborne: There's something
rather romantic about it all
Poetry Rouen, "I remember our Adventure"
Non-fic The Last "I wasn't the only one who
Fighting wondered whether we would
Tommy ever set foot on her soil again.…read more

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I am not protesting against the
conduct of war, but against the
political errors and insincerities
for which men are being
Prose Strange " He's a conchy...He put up a
meeting terrific fight, and he's having a
rotten time, it isn't much fun for
Drama Blackadde "The big nobs have got round a
r goes table and yanked the iron out of
Forth the fire.…read more

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Drama Blackadde SD "They will not get far."
r goes "Our soldiers fade away"
The role of Poetry my sweet "Isabel created hundreds (and Pointless effort
women and old hundreds) of socks"
the Home etcetera,
Front cummings
Glory of "You love us when we're heroes, Selfishness of those at home
Women home on leave,/Or wounded in a
mentionable place."
Drama Accrington "What about the munitions girls...…read more

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She strode on through the heat,
not caring where she was going ,
furious with herself, the war...
"Her sense of her own
helplessness, her being forced to
play Medusa when she meant no
harm, merged with the anger she
was beginning to feel at their
being hidden away like that."
"The pavement was covered in ­how it alters their minds
corpses. Old ones, new ones,
black green"
Poetry Blunden "...if this late withered light...…read more

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Prose Birdsong, "So much muscle and blood in the
Faulks earth"
Comradesh Drama Journey's "You'll find the others call me
ip/ End uncle"
homosexual "Stanhope: Steady: old boy. Just
ity lie there quietly for a bit"
prose Strange "He felt himself suddenly ready to Brotherly comrade
Meeting defend Barton, as he might
defend a younger boy at school
who had blurted something
because he did not yet know the
form.…read more

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Poetry Exposure, "war a lasts, rain soaks and
Owen clouds sag"
Poetry Dead "shells go crying
Drama Journey's "You think there is no limit to
End what a man can bear?"
Satire Drama Oh! What "Don't worry, we'll soon have you
a lovely back at the front."
Blackadde "Don't forget your stick,
r Goes Lieutenant
Forth George: (Picking up his stick)
Rather, sir. Wouldn't want to face
a machinegun without this.…read more

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Heroism Drama JE "Raleigh: He looked splendid. It ­
sort of made me feel...keen to
get out here"
"Stanhope: Hero-worship be
Poetry Glory of "You love us when we're heroes,
women, SS home on leave, /Or wounded in a
mentionable place."
Impersonal Prose Regenerat "Prior' he said automatically. She
nature of ion burst our laughing. `Don't you lot
war have Christian names?'"
Drama AP "May: Tom Hackford.
Rivers: Private Hackford.…read more


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