Wider Reading: Industry & Empire

A selection of quotes from prose, poetry and drama to be used in the 'Contextual Linking' section of the exam paper, should the theme be industry and empire.

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  • Wider Reading: Industry & Empire
    • Drama
      • A Woman of No Importance
        • (Lady Caroline to Hester) "Do you have any country? What we should call country?"
        • (Lady Caroline to Hester) "In my young days, Miss Worseley, one never met anyone in society who worked for their living."
      • Arcadia
        • (Lady Croom complaining about the noise) "...The ceaseless, dull, overbearing monotony of the [steam engine]"
      • The Pillars of Society
        • (Mrs Rummel on trains) "We only by a hairs breadth escaped the project of having a railway here."
    • Poetry
      • The Englishman
        • "there's a flag that waves over every sea."
      • Ode by Arthur O'Shaughnessy
        • 'We build up the world's great cities... we fashion an empire's glory.'
      • The White Man's Burden
        • 'the savage wars of peace'
        • 'your new caught sullen peoples, half devil and half child.'
        • 'to seek another's profit,/ and work another's gain.'
      • The Cry of the Children
        • 'all day we drag our burden tiring, through the coal-dark underground.'
    • Prose
      • Hard Times
        • 'painted face of a savage.'
        • 'it was a town of red brick, or of brick that would have been red if the smoke and ashes had allowed.'
      • Heart of Darkness
        • 'weaning ignorant millions from their horrid ways.'
        • 'the dreams of men, the seed of the commonwealth, the germs of Empire.
      • English Passengers
        • 'He meant the aborigines to be begun afresh and reborn as civilised, Christian beings.'
        • Description of aborigines as 'creatures' with 'strange looking faces'.
      • Middle March
        • "Somebody told you the railroad was a bad thing. That was a lie. It do a bit of harm here and there... but the railway is a good thing."


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