Classical Greek GCSE Vocab List (OCR)

complete list of all the vocabulary needed for the GCSE

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Vocabulary List
GCSE Classical Greek
OCR GCSE in Classical Greek: J291
Unit B402 Classical Greek Language 2 (History)
This Vocabulary List accompanies the OCR GCSE Classical Greek specification for
teaching from September 2009.
© OCR 2009

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Introduction Page 3
Vocabulary List
A Page 4
B Page 5
G Page 5
D Page 6
E Page 6
Z Page 8
H Page 8
Q Page 8
I Page 8
K Page 9
L Page 9
M Page 9
N Page 10
X Page 11
O Page 11
P Page 11
R Page 13
S Page 13
T Page 13
U Page 14
F Page 14
C Page 15
W Page 15
2 Vocabulary List © OCR 2009
Unit B402 GCSE Classical…read more

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This vocabulary list is required for GCSE Unit B402 Classical Greek Language 2
In addition to the words printed in the list, candidates will be expected to be
familiar with the following forms:
· all regular adverbs formed from the listed adjectives;
· comparative and superlative forms of all listed adjectives and
corresponding adverbs;
· cardinal numbers 1 to 10;
· compound verbs which are formed by using the prefixes printed in the list
(e.g.…read more

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ajgaqov", ajgaqhv, ajgaqovn good
ajggevllw, ajggelw', h[ggeila, hjggevlqhn I announce
a[ggelo", ajggevlou, oJ messenger
ajgorav, ajgora'", hJ market-place
ajgrov", ajgrou', oJ field, countryside
a[gw, a[xw, h[gagon, h[cqhn I lead, bring
ajdikevw I do wrong, injure
a[diko", a[diko", a[dikon unjust, wrong
ajeiv always
!Aqhnai'oi, !Aqhnaivwn, oiJ Athenians
!Aqhnai'o", !Aqhnai'a, !Aqhnai'on Athenian
a\qlon, a\qlou, tov prize, reward
aiJrevw, aiJrhvsw, ei|lon, h/Jrevqhn I take
aijsqavnomai, aijsqhvsomai, hj/sqovmhn I notice, perceive
aijscrov", aijscrav, aijscrovvn shameful, ugly
aijtevw I ask, ask for
ai[tio", aijtiva, ai[tion + gen responsible for,…read more

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I rule
a[rcomai + gen I begin
ajrchv, ajrch'", hJ beginning, power, empire
ajsqenhv", ajsqenhv", ajsqenev" weak
ajspiv", ajspivdo", hJ shield
ajsfalhv", ajsfalhv", ajsfalev" safe
au\qi" again
aujtov", aujthv, aujtov self, himself, herself, itself (emphatic)
oJ aujtov", hJ aujthv, tov aujtov the same
aujtovn, aujthvn, aujtov
(acc/gen/dat only - also plural) him, her, it, them
ajfiknevomai, ajfivxomai, ajfikovmhn
I arrive
baivnw, bhvsomai, e[bhn I go
bavllw, balw', e[balon, ejblhvqhn I throw, fire at, hit (with missile)
bavrbaroi, barbavrwn, oiJ foreigners, barbarians
basileuv", basilevw", oJ…read more

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J woman, wife
dakruvw I cry
dev but, and
dei', dehvsei, ejdevhse (with acc + infin) it is necessary
deinov", deinhv, deinovn terrible, strange, clever
devka ten
devndron, devndrou, tov tree
despovth", despovtou, oJ master
deuvtero", deutevra, deuvteron second
devcomai, devxomai, ejdexavmhn I receive
dhv indeed
diav + acc because of, on account of
dia; tiv_ why?
diav + gen through
dií ojlivgou soon
diafqeivrw, diafqerw', dievfqeira, diefqavrhn I destroy
divkaio", dikaiva, divkaion just, fair
diovti because
diwvkw I chase, pursue
dokei' (moi), dovxei,…read more

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J peace
eij" + acc to, into
eij" tosou'ton to such an extent
ei|", miva, e{n one
eijsbavllw I throw into, invade
ejk or ejx + gen out of, from
e{kasto", eJkavsth, e{kaston each
ejkei' there
ejkei'no", ejkeivnh, ejkei'no that, those
ejkklhsiva, ejkklhsiva", hJ assembly, meeting
ejkfeuvgw I escape
ejleuvqero", ejleuqevra, ejleuvqeron free
$Ellhn, $Ellhno", oJ a Greek
ejlpivzw, ejlpiw', h[lpisa I hope, expect
ejn + dat in, among
ejnqavde here
ejnneva nine
e[noiko", ejnoivkou, oJ inhabitant
e{x six
e[xesti(n) (moi) I am allowed, I…read more

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I have
e{w" while, until
Zeuv", Diov", oJ Zeus
zhtevw I seek
h[ or, than
h[ ... h[ ... either ... or ...…read more

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kaqeuvdw I sleep
kaqivzw, kaqiw', ejkavqisa I sit
kaiv and, also, even, too
kaivper + participle although
kaivw, kauvsw, e[kausa, ejkauvqhn I burn, set on fire
kakov", kakhv, kakovn bad, wicked
kalevw, kalw', ejkavlesa, ejklhvqhn I call
kalov", kalhv, kalovn beautiful, handsome, fine
katav + acc according to, by, down, along
kata; gh'n by land
katav + gen down
keleuvw I order
kefalhv, kefalh'", hJ head
kivnduno", kinduvnou, oJ danger
klevptw, klevyw, e[kleya, ejklavphn I steal
kolavzw I punish
kovptw, kovyw, e[koya I cut…read more

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J battle
mavcomai, macou'mai, ejmacesavmhn I fight
mevga", megavlh, mevga big, great
mevllw, mellhvsw, ejmellhsa + fut infin I intend, am going to
... mevn ... dev [marks a contrast]
mevntoi however
mevnw, menw', e[meina I wait, remain
metav + acc after
metav + gen with
mhv not
mhdeiv", mhdemiva, mhdevn no-one, nothing, no
mhdevpote never
mhvte ... mhvte ... neither ... nor ...…read more


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