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Energy Security…read more

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Sources of Energy
· Renewables- those capable of natural regeneration on a human
timescale. Continuous flow of energy
· Non-renewable- fuels that can only be used once, finite resources
that are slowly replaced considerable periods of time
· Primary energy-energy found in natural resources
· Secondary energy-primary energy that has been converted into a
more convenient form…read more

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Primary Energy…read more

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Traditional to Modern Energy Use
· Energy availability- modern energy is not available or remain
inaccessible because the necessary infrastructure to deliver those
energies has not been put in place
· Energy affordability- if they are available, households may choose
not to use them if they are more expensive than traditional sources
· Cultural preferences- tradition often slows the adoption of modern
energy sources…read more

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Facts and Figures
· Global energy production has increased by 52% over past two decades · Iceland=22% geothermal energy used for
· USA export and import oil electricity
· Middle East only export · France=80% of electricity is generated by
· East Asia, China and Latin America are expected to show the greatest increase in 59 nuclear power stations
demand for oil
· 65% of world's reserves= Middle East
· China build the equivalent of two medium
· Saudi Arabia=25% sized coal fired power stations a week
· OECD= 24 countries=17 in Europe= consume 60% of world's oil
· MEDC's= produce 85% of energy they consume
· OECD= Australia and Canada= renewables
· OECD= France and Japan=nuclear
· India= total energy use expected to quadruple over next 25 years
· Developing countries produce 43%, consume= 29%
· USA, Austria and Russia=75% of coal reserves
· Latin America= 80% have access to electricity
· Geothermal= ring of fire
· 5 million biogas stoves in India and China
· HEP= 30% of electricity in developing world e.g. Owen Fall Uganda…read more

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Energy Mix
China Japan Russia UK India
2/3 of coal Hydroelectric plants are reliable Number 1 for gas Electricity= 47% Oil makes up 30% of India's
due to monsoon season import bill
production Coal production declining Number 2 for oil= natural gas 79% self sufficient in energy
Imported coal increasing from
Largest consumer of Australia
West Siberian basin 28% coal 21% imported
coal Consumption increasing by 1.5 Oil+gas=20% of GDP Renewables=11.1% Coal meets 40% of
annually requirements
Coal=70% of China's Plans for pipeline from Siberia
Gazprom energy Largest solar cooking
electricity LNG increased HEP producer, 5th in 16% of program in the world
58% of country's energy
Oil= 18.7% requirement is met by oil
the world electricity=nuclear 250 wind turbines
85% of oil
HEP=6.6% 2020= nuclear power=30% of power consumption=transport and
Gas=3.6% 3 coal mines in operation domestic
Geothermal could supply 15-20% Gas=10%=commercial
of energy needs energy
Nuclear power= 32% of Traditional fuels=40% of
total energy supply= 75%
50 nuclear power stations
8 nuclear power stations
20% of all electricity is lost…read more

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