the special relationship between US President, Ronald Reagan, and the British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher and the relevance for the ending of the Cold War

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`The Special Relationship' ­ what impact did it have on the Cold War?
Source 1: `Your problems will be our problems and when you look for friends we shall be there.'
Comment made by Thatcher to Reagan at her first meeting with him as President in 1981
Source 2:
Reagan driving golf cart at Camp David, 1984, when she gave her support for research into SDI
Source 3: `The United States and the United Kingdom are bound together by inseparable ties of
ancient history and present friendship... There's been something very special about the friendships
between the leaders of our two countries. And may I say to my friend the Prime Minister, I'd like to
add two more names to this list of affection ­ Thatcher and Reagan.'
Reagan speaking at the 200th anniversary of diplomatic relations in 1985
1. What impression do the 3 sources give of the relationship between the two leaders? Give
evidence from each to support you answer.
Mutually friendly and supportive of each other and the policies they pursue. Source 3 talks of adding
Thatcher and Reagan to "this list of affection", suggesting that everything that Reagan speaks of
previously bout the united friendship of those two countries is exacerbated by the current leaders;
Thatcher and Reagan.
2. What does the location and atmosphere at the meeting tell you about their relationship?
Both trying to beat each other with complimenting one another. Quite close and warm ­ Santa
3. What do both leaders agree on?
Low taxation
Minimum government
Right-wing philosophy
Strong government and strong defence
4. What does Reagan say about Thatcher?
Brilliant talker. Tough act to follow
Thought she'd make a magnificent Prime Minister when she was a junior cabinet member
5. What does Thatcher say about Reagan?
Share so many of the same goals
Ain't seen nothing yet
6. What is their shared attitude towards Communism?
Defeat Communism and the Soviet Union
Not enough to contain it

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