Thatcher- Foreign Affairs

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  • Thatcher- Foreign Affairs
    • The Falklands
      • 1981- Lord Carrington & John Nott approved withdrawal of HMS endurance
        • Leaves South Atlantic without British Naval Presence
          • Indication to Argentina that Britain wants to let the Falklands go
            • General Galteieri, sent invasion force to occupy Falklands, claiming Argentine sovereignty over Las Malvinas
              • Thatchers Response = Naval task force sent to remove the Argentine forces
                • 2nd May- Last chance of peace settlement disappeared. British Submarine sank Argentine battleship
                  • Caused Controversy- General Belgrano (ship) Belgrano was heading away from battle zone at the time.
                    • Many Applauded- "GOTCHA" headline
                    • Critics- "the sinking was unnecessary and designed to finish off peaceful outcome"
                • It was necessary for Britain to get support via USA through their American bases like Ascention Island
                  • USA gave green light - Special relationship tied.
                  • American intervention was crucial in preventing Argentine forces from obtaining enough missiles to severely weaken British Task Force
                • 21st May- British troops landed at San Carlos Water. Once landings were secure, victory was certain
                  • 14th June- Argentine forces surrendered
      • Outcomes Overall
        • Critics believed the war was unnecessary because Britain would end up negotiating deal with Argentina over Falklands
        • In the 1970s, Britain's position had seemed to be in decline. Now there was a resurgence of national pride
        • "Like WW2 all over again"
    • The Special Relationship
      • Moving to end the cold war
        • Soviet Union = Weak
          • "Cold Warriors" - Thatcher, A polish pope and American President
            • Special relationship shown through Thatchers agreement to the deployment of US cruise missiles
              • 1984- Thatcher meets Gorbachev and declared that she was impressed.
                • Thatcher encouraged Reagan to negotiate with Gorbachev . They were prepared to make compromises.
                  • A pavement for future progress
                    • 1987- Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty
            • International tension = fear of nuclear war between East and West
              • Protect and Survive Booklets
              • BBC TV Drama Threads (An aftermath of a nuclear conflict in Britain
              • 1983- 200,000 people marched with CND in London to oppose nuclear weapons
    • Britain's position with Europe
      • Aim- To secure a better deal for Britain over financial contributions
        • Britain paying much more to the EEC than what was being returned in benefits
          • 1984- Britain given a rebate
      • Relationship with France- Francios Mitterand
        • Channel Tunnel Project- Agreed in 1984
      • Single European Act- 1986
        • Changed the assembly into the European Parliament and mentioned possibility of European monetary union
          • Would make "free market" beliefs a reality
          • Surrendered some elements of British sovereignty
          • Only few conservative backbenchers that went against it - Enoch Powell
      • Brought divisions within the Conservative Party
        • The Westland Affair
          • Michael Heseltine favoured takeover from European consortium.
            • He believed Thatcher blocked discussion about decision in cabinet and concerns about US takeover to the public
          • Thatcher favoured no interference from government


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