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Josie Channing

Relations & Early Development of the Cold War
Stalin's actions causing relations to deteriorate:

Propaganda war: Stalin produced propaganda identifying the USSR as a
superior country appearing hostile to the US
Stalinisation: Stalin's Soviet Red Army was stationed in large parts of
Eastern Europe. Stalin wanted to expand…

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Josie Channing

Overall, Stalin's actions in the Cold War made him appear threatening and aggressive
towards the West as he was ruthless in gaining control of countries in the East and
appeared to be expanding his communism zone of control. However, this was mainly to
protect the USSR, creating a…

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Josie Channing

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Josie Channing

Who should carry the most responsibility for the development of the cold war?

Stalin can be seen as carrying the most responsibility for the development of the
Cold War because of his ruthless tactics in gaining control over countries in
Eastern Europe. He forced communism upon countries like…

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Josie Channing

aggressive towards Stalin and uniting the West against the East, effectively waging
war on Stalin.

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Josie Channing

Other factors developing the Cold War:

Long telegram 1946: an analysis of Soviet foreign
policy emphasising the role of communist ideology,
published by George Kennan, Deputy Chief of
Mission in the US embassy in Moscow. He saw
Soviet leadership as suspicious and aggressive and
saw there would be…

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Josie Channing

spreading and evidence of Domino Theory. They saw it as aggressive
behaviour from the USSR and blamed Stalin.


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