Background (1945-1951)

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BY 1945:

  • Exhausted by 6 years of war
  • Industry worn out and ill prepared for the post-war world
  • Calls for change in regards to the Empire
  • 'The Nuclear world'
  • Special relationship with USA
  • The start of the cold war/USSR?

Reasons for Labour win (1945):

Conservative handicaps:

  • Was out of touch 
  • Churchill was 'not suitable' for peace time
  • Inability to manage the economy and high levels of unemployment
  • Failure of Hitler appeasment policy
  • Ill judged/unconcvincing campaign

Labour promises:

  • Development of a welfare state (e.g benefits, 'cradle to grave' support)
    • The National Assistance Act
    • The National Insurance Act
    • Industrial Injuries Act
    • NHS
  • Land given to the worn out troops
  • Removal of the hated means test
  • Nationalisation of key industries
  • A willingness to run 'deficit budgeting' rather than balanced


Britain was bankrupt, dependent on lend lease from USA and the industry was in desperate need of investment. The blizzard of 1947 highlights these…


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