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Moral Life


Moral code ­ increased emphasis on the importance of religion to help make Rome
Horace- Talks about gods
-No Surrender ­ "we believe thunderous Jupiter rules the sky: Augustus is considered
a god on earth"
- "eternal vesta, though Jove's shrines and the city of Rome…

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Treason trials (Suet, Tac, Dio) ­ operated by Sejanus and very unpopular
Tacitus calls treason trials a "blood bath" ­ highlights unpopularity
Thysallus even lies about how long Tiberius has left to live in order to spare
some victims of the trials
Banned Astronomers from Rome and kept laws on…

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Forbade people to worship him ­ moral and modest
Said no one who had relatives of their own should name him heir (suet)
­generous and kind
Suet- he later refused all honors
Maintained what Augustus started
Didn't recall anyone from exile
Executed Messalina for Adultery (similar to Julia scandal but…

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(makes it harder to maintain importance of a moral life in regards to the gods and
Essay Structures
Paragraph 1: Religion
Paragraph 2: The law / Senate
Paragraph 3: Image of the Emperor

Paragraph 1: Not good- Caligula/ Nero
Paragraph 2:Both- Tiberius/ Claudius
Paragraph 3:Successful- Augustus/ Vespasian


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