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Rag Desh…read more

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Composed for monsoon season
Starting note: C
Night rag
Rag is a scale…read more

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Version 1
Played by Anoushakar Shankar
Uses sitar and tabla
Starts with ALAP, slow, improvised introduction
Solo sitar in Gat 1 and Gat 2 (fixed tempo and
Tala used is Jhaptal (10 beats) in Gat 1 and Tintal
(16 beats) in Gat 2 (faster than Gat 1)
End of Gat 2: Sitar strums the drone strings
(Jhalla)…read more

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Version 2
Hindu song from Rajasthan
Structure: ALAP then Bandish
Tal used is keherwa
Sarod and Sarangi take solo sections
Tala is 8 beats…read more

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Version 3
American interpretation of piece
Structure: ALAP, Gat 1, Gat 2
Tal used is RUPAK (7 beats) (Gat 1)
EKTAL in Gat 2 (12 beats)…read more

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Name the season the piece was composed for
What is a rag?
How many beats does Version 2's tal kehrwa have?…read more


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