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I know the exam is tomorrow *screams to herself* but making and reading over this has helped me out a lot!

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Indian Music and Rag Desh
Key Features of Indian Music and analysis of Set Works
Edexcel GCSE Music: Area of Study 4

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Indian Music ­ Fact Sheet
Rag Desh is an example of Indian classical music from North India. Indian
classical music has a very long history. It is an improvised form of music,
although improvisations take place within well-defined structures and
Key Features
Indian classical music is built up in three layers:
1) A melodic line played on a solo instrument
2) A rhythmic pattern played on the drums
3) A drone played on a stringed instrument
The melody is based on a rag.…read more

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Rag Desh performed by Anoushka Shankar
Anoushka Shankar, who plays the sitar, is the daughter of the very famous
Indian musician Ravi Shankar. This version of Rag Desh was recorded live in
2001, at a concert in New York City.
A plucked stringed instrument with a very long neck. It has seven
main strings, which are used to play the melody.…read more

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Mhara Janam Maran performed by Chiranji Lal Tanwar
This version of Rag Desh is a bhajan ­ a Hindu devotional song. It is performed
by the Indian singer Chiranji Lal Tanwar, and was released in 2004.…read more

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Rag Desh performed by Steve Gorn and Benjy
Steve Gorn, who is playing the Bansuri, and Benjy Wertheimer, playing the
esraj and tabla, are two American musicians. This version of Rag Desh comes
from an album they released in 2004.…read more


Samuel Richardson

This is a brilliant fact sheet on Indian music and Rag Desh. It has definitions of all the key terms needed as well as most of the key information needed. 

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