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Privation: When a child has never formed any attachment ad will lack almost all types
of socialisation.
Freud and Dann (1951): Children in Terezin
Freud and Dann studies 6 children who were kept in the ghetto of Terezin,
arriving there just before the age of 1. (Terezin became a Jewish ghetto in the
second world war, were people were sent to extermination camps).
The children were looked after by adults who were `passing through', before
the adults went to the gas chambers.…read more

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Koluchova (1972): The Czech Twins
Male twins, born in 1960, lost their mother not long after they were born and
were raised in an institution for year before being cared for by an aunt for
another 6 months. For the first 18 months they followed a pattern of normal
Then their father re-married and they went to live with him and his wife's four
children.…read more

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Study In Detail
Curtis ­ Study of Genie (1977)
The aim was primarily to help Genie but also to see if a child of just over 13
could learn language.
Most data was gathered by working with and observing Genie.
There were also weekly interviews with Genies mother but it seemed that she
would only say what she thought the social workers wanted to hear, making
her details unreliable.…read more

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Genie was given a pseudonym so that she could not be recognized and the family
could not be traced. Her privacy was protected after the study which allowed her to
live anonymously and not be bothered by journalists. This is a strengths from an
ethical view point.
The case study gathered a great deal of information from a range of sources
meaning that the data was very rich. Both quantitative and qualitative data was
gathered using a range of research methods.…read more


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