Edexcel B Unit 1 :Dynamic Planet (Topic 2 Climate Change Revision Guide Power Points)

These are the revision powerpoints that I did for my revision notes, and I am putting them up as they are everything you need to know for the dynamic planet exam this monday. This powerpoint is just for the first topic which is climate change and so yeah i will be putting up the other powerpoints soon :)

BTW these powerpoints are copy right me but all the images like belong to different people and i am just going to say that they are copy right google images as i dont know where each one is individually from so whatever. carry on stop wasting time reading the description and GET REVISING!! ----->

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Topic 2
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The earth's climate has been
rapidly increasing in warmth over
the last 100 years, however we are
still in an Ice Age since we still have
some Ice on the planet. The climate
and temperature has been the
highest and hottest in the last
century but not over the last
millennium as the planet has been
through some much warmer
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Eco-systems, food-chains, plants and animals are all
vulnerable to climate change because they depend on
each other and when one is affected they all are
affected. For example the dinosaurs became extinct
because their food chain was disrupted from the lack
of growth of plants (producers).
Also the mega-fauna which are the big animals died
out due to the Ice Age ending. Food chains got
disrupted, animals migrated, food was in shortage
and there was also stress for surviving.
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Mr A Gibson


I like the method of titling the slides... "I can explain..." or "I know the..." and then a good set of points to help with prompts to answer questions on each topic. A decent mix information presentation.

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