Cold Comfort Farm Form and Style

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  • Form and style
    • References to Jane Austen's Emma
      • Flora based on Emma
        • Desire to organise other people
        • Finishes by organising herself into marriage
      • Witty,  ironic  tone of novel is Austenque
    • Starred purple passages
      • Gibbons mockingly adopts system of star rating for particularly vivid passages
      • Pathetic fallacy
      • Highly sensual imagery
      • Hyperbole
      • Expressive metaphor
      • Heavy use  of adjectives
      • Often comic in effect
      • Tend to doom laden, gloomy in tone
      • Characters ' bond with the natural rhythms of the earth is stressed and exploited for comic effect
    • Satire
      • Dedication to the fictitious Pookworthy suggest novel's satirical intent
      • Gibbons attack novels which are "records of intense spiritual struggles staged in the wild setting of mere, bog and fen"
    • Comedy of manners
      • Established  genre-comic social observation
        • Flora's observation about civlised society
      • Mixed  with Romantic novel genre as they all find love in the end
        • Flora and Charles
        • Elfine and ****
        • Urk and  Meriam
        • Mr. Mybug and Rennet
    • 3rd person narrative
      • Narrative remains focus  on Flora
      • Over the shoulder narration
      • Untitled
    • Dialect
      • Characters speak in generic
      • Much dialect  lexis- clettering, mollocking etc.
      • Dialect  used for comic purposes to stereotype rural characters
      • Flora uses it when speaking persuasively to Reuben- convergence
      • Assumption  that Standard English is superior, and that those who use it are superior
    • Parody
      • Parody of writers like DH Lawrence who worship nature, elevate instinctive sexual behaviour over rational  behaviour
      • Seth and Reuben are parodies of rural stereotypes
      • Judith and Seth are parody of the kind of intense  Oepdial relationship written about in novels like Sons & Lovers
      • The language of Amos' sermon is a parody of the hell fire and damnation style of some contemporary preeachers


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