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Chris Cartwright ©­ A2 Geography Student
Edexcel A2 Geography
3.2.1: The Geography of Water Supply…read more

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Hydrological Cycle LOGO
The hydrological cycle describes the
continuous movement of water on, above
and below the surface of the Earth
Water can change states among liquid,
vapour and ice at various places in the
water cycle
The following diagram is a basic diagram
showing the various flows and processes
in the hydrological cycle…read more

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Hydrological Cycle Diagram LOGO…read more

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Hydrological Cycle LOGO
Inputs: Precipitation
Stores: Vegetation, Seas, Ground, Snow
& Ice Caps, Atmosphere, Lakes
Flows: Groundwater, Throughflow
Outputs: River discharge, evaporation
Human management: Surface storage
(Reservoirs), Groundwater (Wells), Cloud
seeding, water transport networks, Mega
dams, rain harvesting, reverse osmosis,
desalinisation plants…read more

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Flows LOGO
Blue water flows:
­ Visible part of system
­ Water running on the surface and supplying
­ Or travelling underground and recharging
Green water flows:
­ The interception and transpiration of water by
­ Or its evaporation from a variety of surfaces…read more

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Physical factors affecting water supply
The distribution of water globally is related to the Earth's
climatic zones
Regions near to the equator receive high levels of
annual precipitation
While some tropical areas suffer recurring drought
Rainfall may also vary with the seasons
Equatorial areas such as the Amazon lowlands have two
distinct periods of wet weather per year
Whereas the monsoon lands of Southeast Asia have
one very distinct wet season
High mountains with snowpack hold vast reserves of
water, some of which is released during the summer…read more

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