American West Revision Notes

I made this for my Edexl GCSE History exam on the 22nd June from all my resource, so hope it's helpful :) 

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History · American West Revision Notes · Jessica Bates 10C
c. 1820-1830s
c. late 1830s ­ 1840s
Mid 1840s + settled in Utah
After 1865
1860s, especially 1869
1860s ­ 1890s
1860s ­ 1890s
MOMG ­ don't have big impact on Indians
AR ­ both have impact, turning points
CH ­ more impact on Indians as they settle on Plains
4 Stages of destruction of Plain Indians
Donner Party
1st Fort Laramie Treaty
2nd Fort Laramie Treaty
Dawes General Allotment Act
Oklahoma Land Run
Sitting Bull killed
Ghost Dance
Joe Meek
Joseph Smith
Brigham Young
Mountain Men
Oregon + California settlers
California Gold Rush
Black Hills Gold Rush

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History · American West Revision Notes · Jessica Bates 10C
Army Impact, end of American civil war
Railroad ­ completion of railroad,west east
Cattle Industry's ­ cowboys
Homesteaders ­ individual farmers
1. Separation (1832 ­ law, separate)
2. Concentration (smaller areas)
3. Reservation (into camps)
4. Destruction (buffalo killed ­ destroyed their way of life e.g.…read more

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History · American West Revision Notes · Jessica Bates 10C
Little Crows War
Sand Creek Massacre
Red Clouds War
Great Sioux War
General Custer
Battle of Wounded Knee
Self governing Windmill
Barbed Wire
Homestead Act
Timber Culture Act
Desert Land Act
B ­ blazing trail, beef to Indiana ­ reservations, business man, allows boom
Abeline (cow town) , access to railroad, avoids conflict with Inidians
Ranching ­ Wyoming, ranching in winter, reduces importance of trails, sold meat to
reservations, bred new types of beef
Cop…read more

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History · American West Revision Notes · Jessica Bates 10C
1876-77 Sitting Bull, Bighorn, Black Hills ­ gold discovered, refused to go on
Showman, suicidal, selfish, Seventh Cavalry, separates troops ­ stupid
1890 Ghost Dance, guns, gunned down, Americans had a (Hotchkiss) cannon
1874 ­ Daniel Halliday
1874 ­ Joseph Glydden
1877…read more


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