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Ecotourism and sustainability
case studies
AS geography unit 2 human
By thegirlwhoknewtoomuch…read more

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· Tourism 1.8% GDP
· Created 84,000 jobs
· 1.6% countries employment
· 10% worlds rare plant species- attracting tourists
· Most of the country is protected by national parks
· El Pbetano- 300ha of rainforest inhabited by indigenous tribes who
run rainforest farm for eco tourists. Protect rainforest by only taking
small groups of people on tours and using different routes so that
plants are not completely damaged, educate visitors on sustainable living
and build huts out of local woods…read more

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· 33,000 visitors a year
· Increased number of cruise ships visiting
· Most people only visit for a few hours a day
· Fragile permafrost
· Summer tourists clash with animal breeding season
· High demand for fresh water
· Limited number of tour operators
· Visitors have to obey rules:
-don't visit certain areas
-keep your distance from animals
-take all litter home
-don't take anything away from area
· Tourism puts pressure on cultural heritage such as Whaling…read more

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Galapagos islands
· Volcanic islands visitors all year round
· 100,000 visitors per year, increasing each year
· 13 islands
· Illegal fishing for sharks and sea cucumbers
· Increased number of cruise ships visiting
· Suspend flights to reduce numbers of tourists visiting at certain times
of year
· Only 3% isn't national park
· Balance socio-economic and environmental needs
· 15,000 people illegally live there…read more

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English Lake district national park
Environmental issues
· Change in farming methods leading to degrading land due to overgrazing
and pollution from pesticides
· Traffic congestion partially along the M6 leading to air and noise
· Sustainability- balance socio-economic and environmental needs
National park authorities aim to:
· Conserve wildlife and local heritages
· Promote opportunities for enjoyment in the park
· Encourage economic and social well being for local communities
· Planning policy aims to: conserve environment, allow equal access to all
members of society, encourage sustainability
· Lake management- speed restriction (10mph) for jet skis, power boats
to encourage quieter water sports such as canoeing and wind surfing…read more


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