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Environmentalism and Ecology notes.

Definition: Advocacy for or work toward protecting the natural environment from destruction or
pollution. The theory that environment rather than heredity is the primary influence on intellectual
growth and cultural development.

The difference between environmentalism and ecologism ­

Environmentalism is more of a single issue e.g.…

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Argue for a return to permanent culture practices based on nature, not a mastery of it.

Shallow ecologist/ Environmentalist thinkers.

Rachel Carlson
Belief that humans are affecting the environment and that the planet has limits and
therefore not abusing these.
Research on DDT ­ impact of pesticides on the environment,…

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Key ideas of Rob Hopkins include ­

Community Cooperatives
Local currencies
Tool libraries
Urban orchards
Reskilling classes
Raising awareness


Either on a small (individual) or large (collective) scale.
Lead by doing ­ not petitioning
Aim to develop ecologically harmonious, efficient and productive systems that can be used by


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