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Religion and early life

Abortion: The deliberate termination of a pregnancy usually before the foetus is 24 weeks.
Abortion act 1967: the first law making abortion legal in England, Scotland and Wales
Adoption: the legal process where a child is taken (adopted) into the family as a son or

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Religion and early life

Quality of Life
This considers the kind of Life the child and mother will have. Will it be full of pain and suffering?
Will the mother be able to love that child? It is about being able to experience life being fulfilled
and content inside.

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Religion and early life

Christian Views
Roman Catholics: Abortion is never acceptable unless the mother's life is at risk and is
absolutely necessary to have an abortion (only if the procedure is to save her life, and in effect
the baby dies/ double effect). They believe life is sacred and…

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Religion and early life

Mother doesn't have to look after the child but doesn't have to abort it
Child lives and has a chance at a good QOL with loving parents
They will be in a family which really wants a child
Permanent family (unlike fostering)
child may be…

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Religion and early life

Offer emotional, legal and practical support to children and families for as long as they need it
Supervise and support placements before adoptions and provide services after adoptions
orders have been place too
They have a service for adults who were adopted through banardos and allows…


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