Divorce Laws

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Divorce Laws
Use the internet to help you complete this table. Note that there are blank spaces at the
bottom for any other UK divorce laws you find. Once you've finished, print it out and bring it
to the next lesson
Name and year of What changes did it make to the law? Any other notes (e.g. its
legislation impact, historical context
at the time, etc )
1857 Matrimonial Divorce proceedings transferred from Under the terms of the act,
Causes Act Parliament to a court of law the husband had only to
prove his wife's adultery,
but the wife had to prove
her husband had
committed not just
adultery but also incest,
bigamy, cruelty or
1923 Matrimonial Grounds for divorce equalised for men and Removed the double
Causes Act women. Makes adultery by either husband or standard with respect to
wife the sole ground for divorce the grounds for divorce
born English statutes.
1949 Legal Aid & It made divorce more affordable and
Advice Act therefore could explain why divorce is much
higher in numbers nowadays. Also legal aid
was made available which means people
could have access to more help if they were
on a lower wage etc
1882 Women's Allows women to have absolute control over
Property Act their own money and property
1969 Divorce Law Made it so after two years if both partners
Reform Act agree you can divorce, however if only one
wants a divorce you have to wait 5 years.
1984 Matrimonial The minimum period after marriage before a
and Family divorce petition could be filed was reduced
Proceedings Act from 3 years to one

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Removes all remaining distinctions between
children born to married and unmarried
1987 Family Law parents
Reform Act
1996 Family Law An application for divorce
Act Encourages couples to seek mediation but can only be made if the
allows divorce by agreement after a `period couple have been married
of reflection' for a year or more
The only ground for a
divorce petition is that the
marriage has broken
down forever.…read more


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