Changes in Divorce Law

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Changing divorce law...
Legislation and date Details of legislation Consequences of it...
Law before 1857 Divorce only through acts Too expensive for most but
of Parliament not for the wealthy middle
1857 ­ Matrimonial Matrimonial offence Easier and cheaper to
Causes Act created. Adultery main obtain ­ only if adultery
grounds of divorce. was established.
1950 ­ Divorce Law Grounds of divorce Blaming one spouse for
widened ­ cruelty and breakdown of marriage.
1971 ­ Divorce Reform Act `Irretrievable breakdown' Easier to obtain without
rather than spouse. proving behaviour of
1984 ­ Divorce Law Reduced time before Made quicker if marriage
divorce could take place. was not successful.
Behaviour taken into
financial rewards.
1996 ­ Family Law Act No longer need to prove Aimed to increase stability
breakdown, partners just of marriage but also easier
stated breakdown. Period to divorce.
of reflection introduced
before divorce.


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