Divorce and Marriage

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Changing Patterns of Divorce

1. Big increase since 1960's

2. 40% of marriages now end in divorce

3. 70% of divorces come from women

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Couples more likely to divorce

1. Those who marry young

2. Parents who have been divorced

3. Differences in classes, ethnicity, religion between partners

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Explanations for Increase in Divorce - Law

1. Divorce Law Reform Act 1969 - Widened the grounds for divorce e.g. irretrievable breakdown

2. Matrimonial Family Proceedings Act - Allows couple to get divorced after one year

3. Cheaper to Divorce - Legal Aid lowered the cost of divorce

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Evaluation for Law Explanations

Doesn't explain why more couples want to go through the legal process of divorce

Therefore wider social explanations also need to be considered

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