Developing Immunity

Biology Unit 4

Developing Immunity

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Biology Unit 4
Revision Notes
Topic 6: Infection, Immunity and Forensics
15. Explain how individuals may develop immunity
(natural, artificial, active, and passive).
Type of Active Natural Active Artificial Passive Natural Passive Artificial
How it works Exposed to The injection of A mother's Injected with
antigen by dead or antibodies cross antibodies that
getting the weakened the placenta and can provide
disease. The disease are also found in immediate
body produces organisms, toxins breast milk. protection
memory cells or antigen These antibodies against the
which make it fragments means can protect invading
immune to that the body is against any pathogen they
disease in the exposed to the invading are specific for.
future. antigen and pathogen that
produces the mother has
memory cells. encountered.
Text Book: p. 112 ­ 113


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