6.3 Developing immunity

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  • Developing Immunity
    • Natural active immunity
      • Coming into contact with a pathogen activates your immune system
      • You make the antibodies
      • Gain immunity
    • Natural passive immunity
      • Antibodies passed on through mother through breast milk/ placenta
      • Temporary
      • You do not produce the antibodies
    • Immunisation
      • PROS
        • Prevents death/ disability
        • Herd immunity
        • Long term - saves money
      • CONS
        • Violent allergic reactions in some
        • Extreme immune response can cause death
        • Linked with atopic illnesses
        • Vested interests: to benefit society not individuals e.g. Cervical cancer vaccine for girls
      • Protecting  people from infection by giving them passive/ active  artificial immunity. Immune system exposed to antigens in a safe way.
    • Artificial passive immunity
      • Antibodies injected into you before off on unplanned holiday
      • Temporary
      • You did not produce the antibodies
    • Artificial active immunity
      • Get a vaccination with an attenuated or detoxified pathogen
      • Gain immunity
      • You produce the antibodies
    • Adjuvants
      • Most vaccines won't work without them
      • Something added to cause inflammation
        • Helps vaccine to come intro contact with immune system
      • E.g. detergent, water and oil, death bacteria and aluminium hydroxide


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