Biology- The four types of immunity.

There are four types of immunity that can be classified into the two groups, Natural and Artificial. 

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Active artificial immunity.


When a person is vaccinated against a disease so that the bodies immune system produces antibodies to tackle future infections. for example, the meningitis jab, or the cervical cancer jab.

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Passive artificial immunity.



An emergency vaccination that gives immediate protection, an injection is given with antibodies already produced. For example the tetanus injection when you cut yourself on a nail or a thorn.

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Active natural immunity.




When the body naturally produces antibodies against a disease because they have been infected. the body produces memory B and T cells to combat future infections. and example of this is Chicken Pox.

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Passive natural immunity.




When young babies have not yet produced a developed immune system, they rely on the antibodies that crossed the placenta in the womb, and the breast milk.

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