Data, Information and Knowledge

The 1st topic on my AS ICT revision series. I am aiming to share notes on every topic on the OCR syllabus 

This document covers the "Data Information and Knowledge" topic. Words highlighted in bold show key meanings of each phrase.

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Data, Information and Knowledge
Data consists of raw facts and figures. It does not have any meaning until it is processed and given
a context. Data is mostly alphanumeric (text, numbers and symbols) but it can also consist of images
and sound.
Examples of data could be ­ 21,34,57,68,92 or 14/03/2002,05/04/2001,20/02/1993
To create information, an organisation needs to process data. It then presents the processed data in
a context which will be meaningful to the person that recieves it. Information is data which has
been processed within a context in order to give it meaning.
Knowledge is the capability of understanding the relationship between pieces of information
and what to actually do with the information. Essential you apply rules to the processed
Relating to the diagram above, a class teacher could apply the rule "If a score is lower than average, i
need to discuss it with the student to identify methods of improvement".


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