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The Cultural Effects Model…read more

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A Marxist theory...
· The media is a very power ideology that transmits
capitalist norms and values
· The model focuses on audiences and recognise that it is
made up of different people & social backgrounds
· However still, this model suggests media content
contains strong ideological messages
· These messages reflect values of owner and media
· Therefore media producers expect audiences to interpret
media content it in a certain way (i.e. agree with them)…read more

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Cultural Effects argues...
· The way media covers something makes the
audience believe that their perspective is correct
· This perspective reflects consensus which fails to
challenge or reinforce ruling class ideology
· E.g. media has portrayed being on benefits
negative which has made people think that other
people on benefits are scroungers
· This put older people of as they do not wish to
claim benefits which they are entitled to…read more

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Audiences have been ...
· Marxist say audiences have been exposed to a
`drip-drip' effect process with media content and
ideological values
· TV content has deliberately been dumbed down
which has shown a decline in serious
programmes such as news & documentaries
which might make audiences think more
critically about the state of the world.…read more

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Curran 2003...
· News tabloids are also guilty of these ideological
· Ideological values are embedded in the
entertainment features of the tabloid newspaper
"press's support for...'common sense' view...have
contributed towards maintaining
order..."…read more

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Long term effects...
· Values of rich and powerful become shared by
most people
· This model doesn't suggest people are being
· It suggests media content helps those who
manage capitalist society to obtain active
consent of the majority…read more

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