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Third Crusade timeline

Date Event
1187 Conrad of Montferrat arrived at Tyre to defend the remaining Christians
of Outremer.

June 1188 King Guy was freed by Saladin on the condition that he left the country and
returned to Europe. He agreed immediately and his followers were
gradually freed. He marched…

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24th November 1190 Isabella has her marriage with Humphrey annulled and she marries Conrad
of Montferrat so that she could be Queen.

Winter 1190-91 Food shortages threaten the Crusaders still in Tyre.

1190 German hospital community founded outside Acre by citizens of Lubeck
and Bremen.

30th March 1191 After Richard…

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28th April 1192 Conrad went to dine with the Bishop of Beauvais after his dinner had been
too late. When he arrived in Tyre, he found that he was too late for dinner
there too, so headed home. On the way back, he was stabbed to death
by assassins. Richard…


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