The Timeline of the Third Crusade

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Third Crusade timeline
Date Event
1187 Conrad of Montferrat arrived at Tyre to defend the remaining Christians
of Outremer.
June 1188 King Guy was freed by Saladin on the condition that he left the country and
returned to Europe. He agreed immediately and his followers were
gradually freed. He marched to Tripoli and collected an army with no
intention of actually leaving.
1188-1190 Struggle for power broke out between Guy and Conrad as Guy believed
that Conrad should submit to him, having been the King of Outremer
before it fell. Guy allied with a Pisan fleet and marched straight to Acre
July 1189 King Henry II of England dies and Richard the Lionheart, his son, succeeds
28th August 1189 Guy laid siege to Acre from a fortified camp on the hill of Toron. After two
years, the city fell to the Christians and the city became prestigious.
September 1189 Frankish soldiers began arriving in Acre from the Mediterranean, sent
from Europe to back up the Crusaders.
4th October 1189 Crusaders battled against Saladin but are heavily defeated. The city was
almost starved into submission around Christmas.
May 1190 The crusaders are attacked by Saladin in Acre but he managed to take no
land or victory.
4th July 1190 Richard the Lionheart and Philip Augustus of France both leave to go on
Crusade. They both decided to go by sea and separated at Lyons. Philip
marched to Genoa and demanded 650 knights and 1300 squires and their
horses for the journey. Richard headed towards Marseilles to await an
English fleet to take him to the Holy Land.
September 1190 The two European Kings met with their fleets at Messina and stayed there
for the winter.
7th October 1190 Duke of Swabia reached Acre with the remnants of the German army.
Baldwin, the Archbishop of Canterbury arrived days later.
12th November 1190 The Crusaders manage to drive Saladin off his hill top camp, although he
retired to a stronger position, not too far off.
Autumn 1190 Queen Sybilla and her daughters died and since Conrad and Guy had
broken off their support for one another, Conrad decided that he should
take the crown as guy had merely ruled in place of Sybilla. He stopped
Isabella and Humphrey from taking the crown by leaking the information
that they had married before her age of consent.

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November 1190 Isabella has her marriage with Humphrey annulled and she marries Conrad
of Montferrat so that she could be Queen.
Winter 1190-91 Food shortages threaten the Crusaders still in Tyre.
1190 German hospital community founded outside Acre by citizens of Lubeck
and Bremen.
30th March 1191 After Richard the Lionheart sieges the city of Messina and promises to
divide the plunder with the French King, Philip sails alone out of Messina.…read more

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April 1192 Conrad went to dine with the Bishop of Beauvais after his dinner had been
too late. When he arrived in Tyre, he found that he was too late for dinner
there too, so headed home. On the way back, he was stabbed to death
by assassins. Richard was accused of requesting the murders and a few
days later, his widow married Henry of Champagne, who in turn was
proclaimed as the next King instead of Guy. Henry agreed to take the
throne, reluctantly.…read more


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