Critical Thinking Unit 2 Key Term Match Cards

Cut out and match cards covering key terms for the Unit 2 AS Critical Thinking exam

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When someone uses an emotive tone,
language or imagery in order to make
Appeal to Emotion their case sound stronger or more
When two or more sources provide
Corroboration information which agree of support
each other
This one thing is enough for something
to happen it can be/happen without
Sufficient Condition other things
To be red is a sufficient condition to
say that something is coloured"
When a point about one thing has
Conflation slipped into being a point about
something else
A moral viewpoint or guideline, or
Principle something someone believes in
"Racism is totally wrong"
Two or more statements are consistent
Consistent with each other if it is possible for them
to be true together
A pair of opposing ideas which cannot
Dichotomy both be true or both be false

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It's a yes or a no"
To take one claim or assertion as
Infer grounds for a second, and to draw the
second (as a conclusion) from the first
An argument that contradicts your
views, often included to strengthen your
Counter Argument own opinion
"However, x say's it is wrong because
it does not make any difference"
Language which carries with it an
implicit judgement, and encourages
the reader to share that judgement
Leading Language through the choice of words, not the
"Outrageous!!"…read more


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