Contenders for the Power Struggle

Table of each contender and their strong and weak points

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Contenders for the Power Struggle
Trotsky Stalin Bukharin Zinoviev Kamenev
Revolutionary Record Leading figure and mastermind in 1912 member of central committee o 1 of leading figures in Moscow Fled from Russia during Cautious
seizure of power in 1917 Revolution Continually in trouble with communist Party 1917 & October revolution Disagreed with Lenin on several
Consolidated Communist rule police(raiding banks to acquire funds October revolution. issues of strategy
In charge of Red Army for party) o His radicalism inspired many to Opposed both April and October
Took orders in revolution seize power over Moscow Revolution
Refused Trotsky's authority, but No notable part in civil war
secured place in Gov. due to central
Relationship with First opposed Lenin. M Relied on for administrative skills & o Admired Lenin Worked on many books in Zinoviev and Kamenev close
Joined Lenin after returning from exile loyalty o Did at first revolt in protest, but Exile friends & collaborated prior
Lenin Lenin and Trotsky saw eye to eye Opposed Lenin while he was ill joined Lenin Disagreed violently with Lenin 1917
Lenin's left tennant (insulted his wife) o Referred to as "Golden Boy" on: The imminent Communist Following revolution Kamenev
Lenin warned Stalin is not good with seizure of power & those reconciled with Lenin &
power communists should share remained close
power with other socialist
parties which Lenin hated.
Lenin's Testament "No better communist" Warned party Stalin was not good with o Favourite of the whole party & Always remembered as being Lenin stated Kamenev and
Singles out as most able man in power "the most able force amongst disloyal Zinoviev of being disloyal,
central committee "Concentrated on enormous power in the youngest of the party" "I will only remind you that the particularly in the crucial months
BUT "...too far-reaching and his hand" o Referred to as "Golden Boy" October episode of Zinoviev & of 1917 (Revolution)
self-confident" Wanted Stalin out of the party o Questioned his skill as theorist, Kanenev was not, of course,
was he fully Marxist? accidental."
o Did oppose occasionally
Party Appeal Hero in Revolution Had power to advance careers within o Foreign visitor remarked he was Least appealing Little personal ambition, saw no
Stirring speeches (won him young party "the favourite of the whole Good public speaker need to consolidate his support
communists, student & Red Army) Appeared as `voice of calm party" & that Bukharin was Vain, too ambitious & had too base.
Many enemies (as joined party later) moderation' "named in Russia as the many political failings Intellectual but uninspiring public
Western & Urban Prepared to appeal to the National eventual successor of Lenin" "After Mussolini he is the speaker
Pride of those who sought to lead o Reputation of honesty, fairness most detestable individual I Reputation for compromise &
Power of Patronage--Fire, Hire, & incorruptibility have ever met" giving up easily of opposed
Promote (created loyalty towards him)
Party Powerbase Seat on Politburo General Secretary (Head of o Party Theorist "The ABC of Seat on Politburo in 1924 Had seat in Politburo
Secretariat,--interpreting & communism" Head of Comintern (boasting Chairman of Central Committee
implementing party decisions & o Editor of two most important status & authority) in 1924 (Potentially a high
responsible for collecting information) communist newspapers: Pravda Head of Petrograd Branch (was influential role)
Power of Patronage---Fire, Hire & & Communist + other city able to foster support of most Head of Mo9scow Branch but
Promote newspapers important cities in USSR) poor administration, failing to
Head of commission, could expel o Responsible for Communist earn respect of Moscow party.
members Educational Academies (cannot
vote, training)

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Contenders for the Power Struggle
Government Part of Sovnorkom Sovnarkom, commissar of Nationalities
Ministerial committee at Head of (responsible for overseeing affairs of
Powerbase Soviet Government all non-Russians in USSR= 50%
Refused position as Head of population)
Sovnorkom as wanted to focus on his Member of Rabkrin ( eradicated
works. corruption---could get rid of
Head of `Red Army' Commissar of opponents)
War (seniors jealous of him.…read more

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